Is this clock working?

A human being in perfection should emulate the virtue of the tree. The more the tree grows, the more beautiful and softer it turns, but internally tougher and stronger.

Maybe tonight I'm going to my younger sister's house.

We spent hours on the phone every day.

Vijay did the same thing Carol did.

Dick says it worked.

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The cogs are whirring loudly.

It was romantic to walk in the moonlight.

I just don't want Matthias to get hurt.

I think it would be a mistake not to attend today's meeting.

The resort has large swimming pools.


You were very clear.


That would be fine.

The English writer Charles Dickens doubled as an actor.

He doesn't believe in God.

Susan burst into tears.

Hughes always tells the same stories.


These toys are very popular.


Eddie can't afford this.

Ole said he isn't sure.

What problems did you find?


Bert wants Sergeant to think you're a little dangerous.

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They made everything easy for Triantaphyllos.

As you can see, I'm still alive, and that's the main thing. My father, too, says that's what's most important.

Brian looked up into Sofoklis's face.

I want you to go for me to my friend the Serpent King, in his beautiful country at the world's end. Twelve years ago he built a castle on some land of mine. I want you to ask for the rent for those twelve years and also to find out from him what has become of my twelve ships which sailed for his country three years ago.

Hey Herman, I want to talk to you.

I can tell you're a warm person.

Why don't you love me?

He's a valiant soldier.

Do you like my friend?

Is she staying at a hotel?

Mikael wants to buy a bass guitar, but he doesn't have enough money.

I avoid traveling by air, if I can help it.

I think we all know the rules.

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I got my foot caught in a train door.

Ramon knew there had to be a better way.

What were we thinking?

I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

This fabric is impermeable to water.

I wish I had more.

I think one of us is more than enough.


A few days later, Jarl found another job.

He has a lot of books for the young.

Drinking coffee may help you stay alert.


I thought we should start celebrating.

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Butler won again.


Antonella died when I was very young.


No blame attaches to his conduct.

We had leftovers for lunch.

I've decided to accept the job offer.

Why don't you just fire them?

The plan met with opposition from the inhabitants.

At last, they reached the top of the mountain.

Three children opened the door of the building.

There were a great many people at the airport.

When I was a boy, I'd go to the ocean every summer.

There remained no more than 20 people in the village.

Many people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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The natural sweet-fish broiled with salt is absolutely terrific.

Miraculously, he guided the full team of oxen through the raging river, unscathed.

Himawan needs to get to the hospital immediately.

I am on visiting terms with him.

How are you dealing with it?

Hon is currently on death row.

I don't want a horse.

Mah wished Shamim the best of luck.

That sounds right.

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Heinz heard a voice behind him.

That's the catch.

She isn't as energetic as she once was.

He didn't acknowledge defeat.

She sent him a long letter.


You should apologize to Milo for being late.


I've just got to try my hardest.

Let's try something different.

Have you washed yourself today?

He will not live more than one day.

Did he have his trousers pressed?

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Scot always dresses in black.

Call them immediately.

Chris doesn't have time for that.

That seems natural.

What's Earl do?

How many apples did you eat last week?

Alexis looked like something the cat dragged in after his long night at the pub.

We have to hire more people.

As yet, I have not completed the sweater.


It's going to be very hot tomorrow.

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Spring in the north sends gales to sweep the roads.

She made him cry.

Please tell me which bus to take to get to the station.


I'm sorry, I forgot my homework at home.


A short walk will bring you to the station.

Well then, we can have a chat one of these days; but now I'm in a hurry to get to work.

They vowed to marry after the war.


Effort produces fine results.


I really wanted to go to Roberta's concert, but it was sold out.

Check your dictionary.

He told me he would go to Venice.

That's all that matters now.

If you see him before I do, tell him I miss him very much.

I'd never say those things.

I'll deal with these later.

That patient has been in the hospital for a while now, but doesn't seem to have gotten the least bit better.

I never knew about her.

I'm glad to have this opportunity to speak to you.

I'm used to getting my own way.

It is starting to sink in that we can't ignore nature.

You have no idea how delighted I am to meet you.

The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.

How do computers work?


Kent is a born leader.

Sharan wanted to become a sign language interpreter.

You never think you'll go to war and end up a victim of friendly fire.

Roxane seems to be the only one here who doesn't think Juri would be a good manager.

She had hardly opened the door when a white dog rushed out of the house.


I will drive to Paris tomorrow.


He's artsy.

Children's laughter could be heard in the distance.

We rented a car for a week while we were in Italy.

Why did you pick him?

It has been so long since I last went to Disneyland with my family.


"What, Snuffles? Dangerous? I assure you I have him well train-AAAARGH!!"


The Jersey shore is a shore around a small island, off of the coast of Normandy, called Jersey.


Is the park open today?

It is bonkers to go out in this weather.

I don't like feeling so powerless.

I haven't got any reply so far.

We're not going to stop here.


The distinction in usage between the two words is clear.

Ravindranath makes all the decisions here.

Panos gave us some apples.

Wendi speaks too fast.

Lock up your passport.

Stay away from them.

There doesn't seem any difference of meaning between the two constructions.


What's the name of your hotel?

Brian went to school with Kate.

Jane gave Sundar a thumbs-up.


I found the work easy, since I had done that kind of work before.


I don't know when Ben is planning to arrive.


May I have a talk with you?

I'm back from a two month long trip to the states, away from my girlfriend, so she's gonna get a ride tonight.

Coloring eggs is fun.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Surprisingly, he swims even on cold days.

He knows his job.

Your enemy is certainly not mine.

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The house was ablaze with lights.


Clayton doesn't need to know.

You were driven out.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time, Merat! Have you put on a little weight?" "Yes, lately I haven't been able to get myself to move around at all."

I belong to a tennis club.

Vladislav was here earlier this evening.

It's going to be hot in there.

Can you explain it more clearly?

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Kerri is not a student.

Gideon writes better than I do.

Have you ever spent any time with Victoria?


They forgave him for his crimes.